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Untold Stories

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The Fight For Safe Abortion

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Abortion in the US Today



Weaves together key moments
from each film in the trilogy.

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1985 | 27 mins

This Academy Award-nominated film features compelling first person accounts which reveal the physical, legal, and emotional consequences during the era when abortion was a criminal act. Remembrances include those of women who experienced illegal abortions, doctors who risked imprisonment and loss of their licenses for providing illegal abortions, and individuals who broke the law by helping women find safe abortions.

1995 | 58 mins

From DANGER to DIGNITY: The Fight for Safe Abortion weaves together two parallel stories: the evolution of underground networks that helped women find safe abortions outside the law, and the intensive efforts by activists and lawmakers to decriminalize abortion through legislative and judicial channels.

2010 | 57 mins

The FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE traces the current erosion of access to safe abortions, cutbacks in funding, and sieges of harassment and violence.  Each of these attacks on women's reproductive rights affects the lives of abortion providers, and the women who seek their services. Clinics which provide abortion services, usually also provide reproductive health care.

2012 | 7 mins

CHOICE at RISK: From the Back-Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond traces the history of abortion access in the US from the era of illegal abortions through Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion. We then meet an abortion provider whose clinic was firebombed, and we see, vividly, the challenges faced by those who provide abortion services today.

When Abortion Was Illegal
2012 | 1 min 43 secs

When Abortion Was Illegal Medical professionals recall when abortion was illegal as they describe the tragedies they remember.

Repealing Abortion Laws
2012 | 4 mins 18 secs

The first bill for abortion repeal became law in 1970, carried by riveting speeches and hot debate.

Providing Abortion Services: The Challenge
2012 | 1 min 44 secs

Anti–abortion arson at her clinic only deepened this provider's commitment to serve women's health needs.

Before Roe v. Wade: Personal Stories
2012 | 8 mins 30 secs

When safe legal abortions were not an option, a woman who became unintentionally pregnant often suffered extreme hardships. We hear first person stories about five of these women, some told by the women themselves.

The Danger of Illegal Abortions: Dorothy's Story
2012 | 1 min 25 secs

A Filmmaker who survived a life-threatening backalley abortion tells her story.

No Birth Control: Lana's Story
2012 | 1 min 58 secs

Lana risked death if she gave birth. To save her life, she had a backalley abortion.

In a Home for Unwed Mothers: Rosalie's Story
2012 | 2 mins 15 secs

Rosalie avoided abortion and gave birth in a shelter for unwed mothers when she was a teenager.

A Severely Deformed Fetus: Sherri's Story
2012 | 2 mins 36 secs

Sherri chose an abortion because her fetus was exposed to thalidomide.

Self-induced Abortion Death: Lola's Story
2012 | 1 min 59 secs

When Lola learned she carried a severely deformed fetus, she aborted herself and bled to death.

Finding Safe Illegal Abortions
2012 | 7 mins 35 secs

Before Roe V Wade, many people - doctors, nurses, religious leaders, teachers and activists - broke the law and risked arrest in order to help women find safe abortions. People describe why they risked the consequences of breaking the law.

Searching for a Safe Abortion: Russ's Story
2012 | 2 mins 27 secs

Russ, when a professor, risked arrest to find an illegal abortion for a student.

Pro-Choice Clergy Risk Arrest to Find Safe Abortions
2012 | 3 mins 37 secs

Pro-choice clergy joined together to find safe illegal abortions for desperate women.

Arranging Safe Abortions: Jane
2012 | 2 mins 25 secs

Women offered illegal abortion counseling under the code name "Jane".

Legalizing Abortion and Birth Control
2012 | 5 min 36 secs

Abortion first became illegal in the US in the mid-1800's. Abortion was then prohibited until the Supreme Court decision in the case of Roe v. Wade in 1973.Contraception was illegal for unmarried women until 1972. This mini doc traces the legal history of reproductive rights.

Abortion Law: The History
2012 | 2 mins 15 secs

Abortion became illegal in the mid-1800's, and remained illegal until 1973.

Legalization of Birth Control
2012 | 59 secs

Birth control for unmarried adults became legal in 1972.

Roe v. Wade: Sarah Weddington's Story
2012 | 2 mins 33 secs

Roe vs. Wade legalized abortion in a 1973 US Supreme Court decision.

Abortion Clinics & Providers Targeted
2012 | 8 mins 15 secs

The current anti-choice climate makes providing safe abortions extremely difficult. Ongoing challenges include legislative restrictions, the shortage of trained doctors, angry protestors, and violence aimed at clinics. We hear from physicians, clinic workers and loved ones who describe the difficulties they face every day.

Anti–abortion Protest Backfires
2012 | 2 mins 27 secs

Anti-abortion protestors get comically locked together in a tangle of their own creation.

Abortion Providers Threatened by Protesters
2012 | 2 mins 40 secs

An abortion doctor describes daily death threats and the pain of living in danger.

Anti-Choice Demonstrators Torment Abortion Patients: Kris's Story
2012 | 2 mins 20 secs

Traumatized by anti-abortion protests, this student resorted to a fatal self-induced abortion.

Abortion Clinics & Providers Struck by Violence
2012 | 1 min 50 secs

An abortion clinic director, who worked with doctors killed by extremists and continues despite the danger.

Abortion Caregivers Speak Out
2012 | 9 mins 20 secs

Even though Roe V Wade technically made abortion legal under most circumstances, medical professionals who provide the service are challenged daily. Here we meet doctors and clinic workers who courageously speak out for a women's right to choose.

Providing Illegal Abortions: Risking Arrest to Help Desperate Women
2012 | 1 min 55 secs

When abortion was illegal, Dr. Boyd risked arrest to save women's lives.

Dr. Supports Aborting a Fetus with no Brain Tissue
2012 | 2 mins 38 secs

The ACLU fought to get abortion funds for a girl carrying a fetus with no brain tissue.

Pro-Choice Medical Students
2012 | 2 mins 15 secs

Pro-choice medical students demand abortion training as part of their education.

Abortion Restrictions: The Impact
2012 | 3 mins 32 secs

More than 1,000 bills which limit reproductive rights, will heavily impact minors.

Latino Perspectives
2012 | 6 mins 57 secs

Some religions denounce abortion. Brave individuals, who are themselves deeply religious, speak out to reclaim the moral right of a woman to seek an abortion. We hear the testimony of three Hispanic women's rights activists: Dolores Huerta, a United Methodist minister and a Clinic Director who was excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

Dolores Huerta is Pro-Choice
2012 | 2 mins 22 secs

Dolores Huerta, mother of eleven, feels that every woman should have the freedom to plan her own family.

A Pro-Choice Clergyman Defends Women's Rights
2012 | 1 min 47 secs

Rev. Castuera was raised in Mexico where he saw women die from Illegal abortions. He believes whether or not to bear a child is a woman's decision.

Abortion Clinic Director Excommunicated
2012 | 2 mins 30 secs

Rachel Vargas, was excommunicated by the Catholic church for offering medical care, including abortions to women.